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Family of Origin Workshops

Early childhood experiences are at the core of most adult dysfunction, including addictions, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

Reclaiming Wholenessis a dynamic educational and experiential workshop designed for anyone who is ready to take a deeper look at how their family of origin dynamics are influencing current life issues and relationships.

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the five core issues at the root of all childhood wounding - esteem, boundaries, reality, dependency, and moderation
  • Understand your family role, your relationship with major caregivers and how these dynamics show up in your current life
  • Learn how to deal with emotions connected to less-than-nurturing childhood events
  • Begin the process of resolving past hurts that have kept you stuck in unproductive and destructive patterns

The workshop is divided into 3 phases:

Informational/Educational Phase - Introduction to the concept of the five core symptoms with special emphasis on boundaries and how boundary problems are at the root of childhood wounding. Focus is on the caregiver/child relationship without placing blame on parents or significant caregivers.

Debriefing Phase - Guided by the therapist, participants explore childhood experiences and the related emotions.

Experiential Phase - Guided by the therapist, participants reconnect with neglected or underdeveloped parts of the self and release painful emotions connected to past events. Processes presented during the experiential phase are designed to be utilized on an ongoing basis after the workshop to continue the work of reintegration and releasing painful emotions.

Due to the intensive nature of the work, the workshop is limited to 5 participants. Early registration is encouraged.

The framework and treatment model for Reclaiming Wholeness was developed by Pia Mellody and is offered under the name Survivors I at The Meadows treatment center in Wickenburg, Arizona. Pia Mellody is the author of Facing Codependence and The Intimacy Factor, and is a pioneer in the treatment of childhood trauma, codependence, and addiction.

Cost per person: $1500

($1400 if deposit received one month prior to first day of workshop)

$300 non-refundable deposit due at registration

For further information, contact

Argie Spuck at 954.822.9793 or

email me at [email protected].