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For Women Spouses/Partners of Male Sex Addicts

This Women’s group is a confidential support group facilitated by Argie Spuck, a licensed psychotherapist. This group seeks to support women who are affected by their husband or partner's addiction.

Through talking about the pain that the spouses/partners are experiencingt he healing begins and the spouses/partners are better able to cope. The group works through Breaking Free: A Recovery Workbook for Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody; and Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody.The group meets together for 90 minutes.

The group members will begin with check-in for their own accountability (using a recovery plan). We then process and share one another's work in the "Breaking Free" workbook.The last 30 minutes is a time that the group can work on issues with a variety of topics that are brought by group members and pertain usually to issues the group members are experiencing in their immediate lives.We close the meeting with a reading that provides promises and hope for the future.

Space is Limited, please call prior to attending

Cost: $50 per session, per person

For further information, contact

Argie Spuck at 954.822.9793 or

email me at [email protected].